♫ Tina Hoffman DUO with full band sound

Professional experienced versatile musicians performing all genre songs from  the 1940s thru today at all size private and public event celebrations and venues from intimate house and yacht parties to community arena festivals, park concerts, open air market artisan faires, wine bars, restaurants, lounges, night clubs, casinos, DJ productions, corporate events, fashion shows, shopping courtyards, business mixers, weddings, divorce celebrations,  funerals / life celebrations, voice overs, jingles, business voice mail, radio commercials, personalized song writing and studio recording




Also for themed or music decade costume event productions such as 


Classic Rock n Roll, Disco, The 80s, The 60s, The 50s, Blues, Jazz, Christmas, Contemporary Gospel, 


Billie Holiday Tribute, Stevie Nicks Tribute



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Tina & Keith All Genre 1940s thru Today
♫ Tina & LC DUO All Genre 1940s thru Today






Tina Hoffman & Dean Grech Jazz Experience






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Tina Hoffman Music multi genre songs from the 1940s thru today




SOLO female singer percussionist with full band sound 
DUO with added male guitarist/vocalist
BAND with female vocalist percussionist, male vocalist guitarist, male vocalist bassist, male vocalist drummer 








OR  JAZZ with Tina Hoffman & Dean Grech 








Much Love & BlesSINGs !!!  

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"Setting the mood for multimedia productions since 1988. 

If we don't have the music you want we'll create it"






"Collaborating talent and resources 

for local and global life enhancement projects 

and community celebration events”


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    Balboa Gazebo - Newport Beach, CA