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Painter of The Stars Paul Bryan Photo by 

with his copies of portraits of Audrey Hepburn and Dizzy Gillespie, 

previously on display at Pier Records in Newport Beach. 


Signature RED DOT Painter Of The Stars Paul Bryan Jr was a friend and former neighbor of Menagerie Castle Studio  in Newport Shores where our family had the privilege of observing his signature art secrets while also listening to his personal eclectic life experiences and stories of many international adventures 

aka his inspiration. At the time, he had no presence at any other studio in Orange County until I photographed his art and with my lap top presented to local studios and music stores for consignment consideration and then since he did not drive I also provided transportation for his follow up meetings with the interested business owners resulting in popularity at numerous recognizable locations such as art studios in Laguna Beach and Peer Records 2301 Balboa Blvd near The Newport Pier and Mc Fadden Square across the street from The Crab Cooker and Spagehetti Factory

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Classical Hollywood Bombshells by Paul Bryan Jr.

Convicted Artist - Art Show

Fluff Does Not Equal Buff...Usually

Painter of the Stars

Paul Bryan Jr. Painting acquired by President

Paul Bryan Jr. Round Painting Collection

President Obama acquires painting by Paul Bryan Jr


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Amelia Earhart above Eifel Tower


Keith Moon from The Who

L7 all Girl Band

Lion King

Marilyn Monroe

Peter Tchaikovsky


and a 7 piece Native American Indian Collection 


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