Costa Mesa Town Square Facebook thread regarding homeless solutions
Tina Hoffman I volunteered with several different church ministries serving the Costa Mesa Motor Inn from 2000 -2009 and was invited into the rooms of many we were assisting. Most seemed to be exclusively spanish speaking families up to 7 in one room aka six children including newborns and both parents sincerely trying to work extremely hard long hours at any available jobs regardless of how physically exhausting while creatively utilizing the at the time 28 day immediately renewable stay limit as their only resource for semi safe housing since any of the other nearby apartments some would suggest as less expensive required documentation they couldn't provide. Thoughout that entire duration and ever since then I am also aware that CMMI is / was also one of the top OC underground recommendations for the homeless including recently released from prison attempting to find a break from living on the streets even if only for a few hours much more attractive to them in comparison to other shelters enforcing life altering restrictions and accountability
Tina Hoffman Sometimes what we percieve as rejection is God's protection
Tina Hoffman Good point. Alot of what God allows in life from other forces sure doesn't seem like manifestation of His promise to "protect" and answer prayer but after personally experiencing so many undeniable miracles as a direct result of hurtful rejection and frustrating slammed doors including when His answer to something I want is NO!!! LoL regardless I try to continue Believing for myself and others that He will eventually fulfill His promise to work out everything for good somehow better and beyond what we could ever desire or imagine which seems impossible to envision in the midst of life altering devastation with no solution in sight but then on the other hand if the how and when was known then there would be no need for Faith LoL In the meantime I'm grateful that at least some good results from surviving each unpleasant situation increasing ability to empathize and discover resources to share with individuals and communities enduring multifaceted trials more effectively than if I were from Pollyannaville LoL

Recollection inspired by unexpected God Wink communication from long time entertainment industry friend.

"I know that the current restriction of 24/7
income related activities only may seem like a burden but  God may
want you to embrace it who knows how many lives your touching for
Christ and may not be aware ,God has shown me that all that matters at
the end of the day is Jesus Christ his death ,resurrection and your
family. As I get older this world and it's counterfeit love is all a
illusion no amount of awards will bring peace or keep you warm at
night or take care of you when your sick ,Being in the entertainment
biz for 30 years has shown my the true hearts of this world and it is
90% rotten to the core. So run and keep running as long as long a God
will allow and embrace it because your life is wonderful and you may
not know it ."   

Sincerely EB


Thank you for that God Wink confirmation
almost exact word I received the other day while one the one hand thanking Him for the absolute miracle it has been to survive these circumstances since 1993 without a break from 24/7 WORK and on top of that ...multifaceted non stop trials
and on the other hand asking for revelation of how He will ever possibly be able to compensate as He promises for all of these years I have been tolerating what He continues to allow me to lose and be without 
aka His response to my most top priority life long prayers have all been confirmed as definite NOs since 1998
so since then my only personal prayer (in addition to a few hours every day for others) has been for time and circumstances to just try to enjoy some peace without dealing with the next trial LoL
It's another miracle that I can possibly continue to radiate any Faith since I don't even have the incentive of any specific reward of Heaven or paradise since I really would prefer not living forever if it has to be with anyone I have met so far 
So I defnitely have to rely on blind Faith that He IS Good and will fulfill His plan and purpose for my life ...eventually... whatever that will look like even tho it's already too late to be anything close to "the only few basic things" I wanted and prayed for every day as long as I can remember even as a child...But for whatever reason He hugely denied
Oh well...regarldess at least I hope and pray that some people are getting Blesssed as a result of my suffering and sacrifices LoL

>♪< RIP 3/21/1918 ~ 6/16/16 my bio dad Smithsonian Institute documented jazz royalty Sir Charles Thompson knighted by County Basie and Lester Young dubbed "house pianist of Manhattan's 52nd Street" New York Jazz Scene since the 1940s most well known for composing the jazz standard "Robbins Nest"

>♪< I was notified of his death the day before Fathers Day.
"Hi Tina, I just learned that Sir Charles passed away on June 16 in Japan at age 98 - funeral in Tokyo on the 21st.My sympathies"

>♪< Please message or email Tina4Music@Yahoo.Com if you happen to have any details of any surviving family since other than notification of children older than me who have deceased I am only aware of his wife Makiko, myself and six children aka his grandchildren

>♪< I will be sharing as I eventually unpack a large collection of Sir Charles treasures sent to me Father's Day 2015 by a jazz historian angel full of many rare photos, documents, videos and cassette tapes of never seen live performances and rehearsals. I posted a few so far at my Sir Charles tribute albums AND

>♪< Mitchell Seidel

>♪< William Gallagher is the author of Sir Charles Thompson discography and the original art was created by his son Matt

>♪< Michael Steinman blogger at Jazz Lives THANK YOU, SIR CHARLES (1918-2016)

>♪< Adam Bernstein

>♪< Photo Tribute by Sir Charles Thompson Musician Friends in Japan

♫ My NEW Balboa Blues & Jazz Experience featuring award winning jazz guitarist vocalist composer Dean Grech & myself accidentally developed during resurrection of my Billie Holiday Tribute on Mothers Day since my mother was a Billie Holiday sound alike blues/jazz singer. This also turned out to be an ironic God Wink just in time for nostalgic Fathers Day musical heritage reflection including acknowledgement of my jazz royalty bio dad Sir Charles Thompson still alive and performing in Japan at 98 yrs old. I sure hope I also inherit his energetic longevity !!! LoL
I am also still available Top 40 all genre from the 1940s thru today SOLO full band sound + DUO + BAND



Inspired by graphic shared by photographer friend Marcus Kolodjski 4/11/16

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