1980s recollection inspired by Jo Larson at the Facebook Group "I grew up in Newport Beach before it was The OC...THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR SHARING THIS !!!!

This historic Bank of America was transformed into the most beautiful restaurant "The Bank" with booths created from authentic Balboa vintage boats and where I was scheduled to sing for the grand opening but the city of Newport Beach wouldn't grant the owner a liquor license so he became disgusted and sold it to investors who demolished it for the construction of condos above commercial as seen today there on Balboa / Washington. I was so sick about it I avoided looking at it as also still the historic Balboa Market turned into a parking lot right across the street &;-( ... But ironically as an answer to prayer for a new affordable home location for myself and six children to remain in Balboa after divorce and the sale of my previous castle on Island Avenue ...ended up with thie miracle opportunity to live in one of those 3 bed 3 bath double car garage condos for only $1400 per month where the angel landlord never raised my rent until 7 yrs later when it was in the process of being sold for a million. 

Flowers from Christiana

As I was in line at Sprout's a lady rushed in the sliding door announcing that someone's black car was parked half way out of the handicapped parking spot...TO CONTINUE click link below...

When I discovered a black circular growth on my heel but without insurance or time for an appointment with a podiatrist, I prayed for a miracle HEELing and then thought I was dreaming the next day when it had completely disappeared !!! HaleluJAH once again !!!

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