10/11/16 Recollection inspired by Moxy Anne  This past Sunday night, I crashed my car on the freeway.

Thank you for sharing your miracle story. I love and find it extremely inspirational when people share what I believe to be angelic encounters. Once on my way home to Newport Beach from a HOLLYWOOD gig at approx 3am I must have been so exhausted I feel asleep at the wheel and right as I was at the very edge of the fwy curve without a ramp where the 405 south veers to the Newport Beach 73/55 I was awakened by what felt like "something" on top of my hands forcing the steering wheel to abruptly turn left extremely hard just in time to avoid flying over the cliff >♪<

LA OC Weekly Media Party for Aaron Cohen https://www.google.com/#q=la+oc+weekly+aaron+cohen

This is a photo from the outside doorway in 2007 during an interview with The Daily Pilot about MENAGERIE CASTLE "creative arts studio community hospitality play space gallery museum" that we had for almost 4 years from 10/06 til 06/10 http://articles.dailypilot.com/2007-05-14/business/dpt-bizwatch14_1_balboa-fun-zone-balboa-area-jim-fournier

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