♫ I helped create a worship song karaoke ministry with my Event Consultant clients who are life group leaders with "Purpose Driven Life" Rick Warren's Saddleback church and visit a senior center exclusively for memory impaired patients so we made song books with EXTRA LARGE FONT for each of them but miraculously most ended up not needing to read the words after a few weeks since their memory of all of the lyrics returned while singing
&;-) ♪♫ > <3 < ♪♫
Recollection inspired by Arlene Wester who shared this at Facebook

I've known Christian media pastor Glen Megill founder of www.RockOfAfrica.org since I attended ROCKharbor.org church from 1999-2009 and he hosted the global Christian media lifegroup at his home in Huntington Beach and introduced us to Many significant global ministry leaders and affiliates including PamEla Norman Newman ex wife of Christian Rock pioneer Larry Norman


and Aaron Cohen advocate and rescuer of sex slave traffic victims aka author of Slave Hunter and Jubilee Prophecy: Peace Through Music you can google. As a result I became one of Aaron's intercessor prayer partners and utilized my multimedia affiliations and resources to introduce him to several high profile Christian TV producers related to TBN and their youth channel JuceTv previously JCTV (I assisted with the casting before it launched and my #3 son was in the 2003 commercial)
He was welcomed by several program directors who invited him to be on their programs resulting in successful opportunities for awareness of what ALL of those ministries and their audiences were previously unaware of and had never heard of before during that time 2002-2009 in addition to also being invited to Bible prophecy summits with Rod Parsley who nicknamed him "The modern day John The Baptist" and other recognizable experts Dr. Grant Jeffrey Hal Lindsey Jack Van Impe Donald Perkins and more https://www.google.com/#q=aaron+cohen+rod+parsley+collide
I also introduced him to Global Angels which sponsored rescue trips where he was able to find several kidnapped victims and place them in life transformation facilities https://www.google.com/#q=aaron+cohen+global+angels
And I also arranged for a group of tourists who select specific locations for recreational travel and at the same time like to give significant donations to the local community needs...to donate several thousands of dollars to one of the transformation facilities to purchase cameras for the purpose of developing a tourist photography business as a source of income vs temptation to return back to desperation of earning money in the sex industry but my contact notified me that instead they used the money for skin lightening cream &;-(
Oh well at least I tried LoL

Aaron and I came up with the name for what he also considered as entertainment ministry
aka Peace Through The Arts inspired by his book Peace Through Music He was manager for the popular Rock band Janes Addiction ironic since that guitarist is my favorite ! LoL


Only sharing all of those details to confirm credibility of my MULTIFACETED entertainment ministry
and you can only imagine how much more I will remember whenever God finally provides circumstances required to efficiently process digest organize and journal past present and future experiences and kingdom assignments
Considering so much potential... no wonder the enemy continues his 24/7 non stop attacks ...including finances since he knows every penny will be spent to invest in his defeat !!!

ROCK of Africa | Delivering HOPE to Africa
A Christian relief effort helping people in a crisis of disease, famine and poverty in sub-Sarahan Africa.


Recollection inspired by
Costa Mesa Town Square Facebook thread regarding homeless solutions
Tina Hoffman I volunteered with several different church ministries serving the Costa Mesa Motor Inn from 2000 -2009 and was invited into the rooms of many we were assisting. Most seemed to be exclusively spanish speaking families up to 7 in one room aka six children including newborns and both parents sincerely trying to work extremely hard long hours at any available jobs regardless of how physically exhausting while creatively utilizing the at the time 28 day immediately renewable stay limit as their only resource for semi safe housing since any of the other nearby apartments some would suggest as less expensive required documentation they couldn't provide. Thoughout that entire duration and ever since then I am also aware that CMMI is / was also one of the top OC underground recommendations for the homeless including recently released from prison attempting to find a break from living on the streets even if only for a few hours much more attractive to them in comparison to other shelters enforcing life altering restrictions and accountability

Recollection inspired by Shanni's post about bitch co worker  7/30/15

Over the years I have had to endure extreme unjustified evilness by demonized co workers the worst in history ironically being Disney cast members while working on productions at "the happy place" ºoº and what works every time is praying for them and for myself to demonstrate tolerance and forgiveness and creative special ways I can Bless them and they end up becoming friends and during one of those seasons it was the most evil ones that ended up considering me their best friend and on several occasions they even donated significant finances for my children to participate in youth group missions trips 

ºoº  I was invited to be part of the opening team for Hyperion Theatre productions at Disney's Calfornia adventure which required several weeks of intense training that they paid for...
Unfortunately just when the training was complete my miracle mobile was stolen which would have been a legitimate excuse to discontinue my participation in the project
However I didn't want their investment of paid training to be their loss
so at my own expense and inconvenience I kept my commitment by getting there on the bus
aka 5 hrs per day travel time 2.5 hrs each way for over a year until my next miracle mobile arrived LoL
You can see an image of that "next miracle mobile with leopard spots" in my Harvest Crusade journal LoL
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