5/31/16 Recollection inspired by Michelle Smith* Facebook Post

"beach walk + dolphins!

Recollection inspired by John Miinar


YIKES my hands are sweaty just remembering when I climbed a little bit of El Capitan one time in the 80s which is why THIS bed on the ledge contraption is so hard to imagine ?!?!? LoL Did you use a portaledge? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsOdHZD3aGM


Photos by our rock climbing friend Mark Heber Miller


El Capitan And Merced River- Yosemite NP by Mark Miller Photos

El Capitan by Mark Miller Photos

El Capitan- Yosemite National Park by Mark Miller Photos

USA, California, Yosemite National Park by Mark Miller Photos



 TBT 1981 I learned stick shift on mine that was buttercup yellow but no one told me about turning wheels on a hill so almost lost it while watching it go backwards on Carnation until thank God it hit the curb and stopped at Bayside Park right before plowing into potential disaster on Bayside Drive in Corona Del Mar WHEW LoL Thanks for reminding me so I can add to my journal of reflections from the 80s inspired by Facebook friends LoL <3

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Glenn Fournier shared Good Old Days's video.

Share if you've ever taken a ride in a VW bug


  • Douglas Westfall Here's the Goldenrod Footbridge around 1950. It was constructed in the 20s by the city to provide access to the beach.
    Douglas Westfall's photo.
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  • Tina Hoffman ♫ In the 80s we lived a couple blocks away on Carnation and used to sing at FUN Goldenrod front yard parties on the ocean side of the bridge at the cute little two story cottage owned by Gary (forgot last name) co owner of Recycled Rags with his mom Audrey and we used to sing at their parking lot $ale parties right down the street on PCH toowww.facebook.com/recycledragsoc &;-) ♪♫ > heart emoticon < ♪♫
    Clothing Store
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