Dear dad.I along with some very dedicated people who practice what you preach ,have worked tirelessly for this fathers day gift to you.You have a new virtual home for the new age ! We are keeping your legacy alive , introducing you to a whole new generation and beyond .You always told me " anything in life was possible if I made it happen " .....and I did.Happy Father's day.

Jack is commonly known as “The Godfather Of Modern Fitness” for introducing weight training and nutrition to the masses. What is less commonly talked about is how he designed and invented many of the gym machines people still use today. including the weight selector and the leg extension machine. HE...

Adrian Tapia
Adrian Tapia Used to watch Jack Lalanne on TV as a kid...and his dog HAPPY

Recollection inspired by Jay Martinez accidental murder of squirrel


Squirrels are all over the place where I live and once it was so sad to see 3 of them on their hind legs surrounding a dead one in the middle of the street like they were praying around a coffin at a funeral. It was such an unbelievable sight I tried to take a picture but they scattered as soon as they heard my car door open...AND this reminds me of when I almost hit a cat that darted out from nowhere the middle of a residential street and it was only thanks to my usual grandma driving speed I missed it so you can imagine my horror when I looked in my rear view mirror to discover it was not a cat but instead a HUMAN TODDLER !!!!!!!


Recollection inspired from Facebook I grew up in Newport Beach before it was the OC



WoW THANK YOU for the unexpected FUN memory !!! Used every day during my Manhattan Beach body surfing teen years in the early 70s LoL AND we also tied at the end of boats in Havasu &;-) ♪♫ >

  • Recently I crossed over the bridge to where you lived years ago; can't go anywhere near it without thinking of you.
  • Tina Hoffman Toni Duncan I can't SING anywhere without thinking of YOU since it's your fault I've been addicted to performing with bands even when I had to sneak into clubs LoL since you gave me the first chance to sing on stage with you and "The Brotherhood" when I was only around 14. Knowing you I'm sure you must have the photo evidence LoL and I also can't look at ART without remembering rescuing some of your genius son's pre teen sketches he threw away and the looks on your faces when I pulled them out of your trash and suggested you should save for when he gets famous some day so you can imagine how thrilled I was to discover my prediction was right except FAR beyond my imagination LoL WOW I just realized how passionate I have always been about talent appreciation EVEN since WAAAY back then !!! LoL
    XO XO  &;-) ♪♫ >♥< ♪♫

9/9/15 Recollection inspired by BG "We're in the South Bay of L.A. area, Redondo, Hermosa Beach areas right now."

I love South Bay I used to sing at a few places near the Redondo + Hermosa + Manhattan + Playa Del Rey piers
The lighthouse was one of the venues and also Pier 52 and I also roller skated and boogied boarded at all of those beaches and road bikes with my mom every Saturday all the way between Venice Beach and Redondo Beach and I still can't believe we did that every week !!! no wonder she was in good enough shape to marry someone  close to my age aka she was 52 and he was 24 ( and not as fit as her LoL )





Inspired by Facebook post by Anita Esparanza after her cat attacked her face...

The night before I had an event singing at The Forum my dog that had mental issues after surviving distemper was asleep at the foot of my bed looking so cute I just couldn't resist kissing his nose which startled him out of deep sleep so his auto reaction was to attack my face with his fangs clinched purrrfectly around my cheek unable to release since once he woke up and realized what he did his jaws locked from shock and had to be pried open while looking straight into his poor little scared eyes. So then I had to attend my event with a mangled face but at least in no pain and minimal scarring thanks to my mom's miracle solution of vitamin E oil. 

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