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I am currently seeking assistance and sponsorship of
expenses necessary to maintain an inspirational music and
performing arts multi media talent development organization

in order to finance community hospitality centers for life and community
enhancement in forest castle themed venues influenced by the enchanted
chronicals of by c.s.lewis

with international intent, beginning in newport beach, ca usa

venues will feature and promote health, ecology and all-age wholesome family
quality art and entertainment education ( including all fine, graphic, visual,
textural, culinary and performing arts) sponsored by the talent, services,
products, merchandise and resources of local and celebrity individuals,
businesses, organizations, educators, police, fire and medical officers and
others who support utilizing talent and creativity for the enhancement of the
environment and community for ALL AGES !

I envision our community youth and seniors sharing and exchanging their life
experiences, talents and skills
while listening and dancing to various genre music from each other's EVERY
on the best quality (sponsored) wide screen tvs, (soundproofed) stereo
systems, film and recording equiptment for productions that will be aired as
and international radio and television commercials and programming for
awareness and support

at home singles and parents, youth groups, college students, retirees,
instructors, environmental and arts activists can all have a home away from home
base to teach our youth ( of every age) how to appreciate and embellish life as
a result of multigenerational / multicultural networking and collaboration to
discover things such as valuable nostalgic and visionary conversation, old and
new theatrics, music, art and dance instruction, high tech and old fashioned
games, ( healthy organic ) cooking and eating experiences, animal care,
sewing, needlepoint etc...

art and entertainment professionals will also be invited to share their
knowledge of the industry,
including experienced health and spiritual fitness experts such as kim
alexis, billy blanks, jennifer o neal, lee haney, gavin mc claud, paul newman
others who will educate and assist aspiring models and actresses desiring to
utilize their talent and "real beauty" for "real life" and community enhancement

this will also be a center for making arrangements and distributing resources
regarding participation in sports, volunteering for public service and fund
raising opportunities

any and all contributions that exceed expenses and/or unused merchandise will
always be responsibly donated for other local, national and international
reputable charities and public service outreaches with similar goals

thanks so much for any assistance, information and/or suggestions
regarding this enjoyable and unique inspirational adventure !!

and it would be very much appreciated if you would please forward this
request to anyone else you know, who may be interested in further details,
and/or may be able to share any resources

for the history of how this "BIG DREAM" beyond my own abilities has been
developing into reality please visit...

( You can currently view Venue Client History and EVENT Tabs on this website for related participation and or advertising $ponsorship opportunities or you can also donate any amount to assist with financing event production and communication expense )


Any & all contributions that exceed expenses and/or unused merchandise will always be responsibly distributed for other local, national & international affiliated reputable charities & public service outreaches with similar goals

Thank YOU for supporting our efforts to utilize talent 
for life enhancement & community transformation !

DONATION$ accepted at Paypal.Com 
Menagerie Entertainment Tina4Music@Yahoo.Com

Or MAIL to Menagerie Entertainment
PO Box 931 
Balboa Village Newport Beach CA 92661

Much LOVE and BlesSINGs!!!


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