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New Media Film Festival intersects the interactivity of new technologies & formats for Media & Cinema which exemplify the power of the cinematic arts to inspire and transform. A festival where we Honor Stories Worth Telling that are created by people of All Ages-All Cultures-All Media.
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Honoring Stories Worth Telling

Honoring Stories Worth Telling


“Incredible to see what is possible with digital media these days. The New Media Film Festival is the wave of NOW. The subjects handled in these films are important and wonderfully highlighted. Great panels, great films, varied storytelling, and the place to be for the coolest new technology in film.” - Radio Show HOst & Author, Debbie Dachinger




GRAND PRIZE WINNER - What Lives Inside Web Series a World Premiere

Director: Academy Award-winning VFX artist/AD/director Robert Stromberg (Maleficent)
An emotional tale of creative self-discovery is set in a richly surreal world inhabited by fantastical creatures The web series is directed by and stars Colin Hanks, Catherine O'Hara and Oscar winner JK Simmons ("Whiplash") in a tale about a lost son played by Mr. Hanks, Taylor, and his departed father (Mr. Simmons), a famous puppeteer beloved for his creativity. Taylor discovers a lot more about his father -- and his supposed fictitious creations -- only after his dad's death. A call for auditions in the form of creature sketches went out at the time of the series announcement. Of over 6,000 sketches submitted, 144 were selected and featured in the film.


BEST 3D - The 3D Machine a US Premiere

Director: Joost van den Bosch, Erik Verkerk
Country: Netherlands US premiere! Igor and the professor are a monster hunting duo in this action-packed stereoscopic 3D adventure.



BEST ANIMATION - The Golden Drops a World Premiere

Director: Daniel Zdu?czyk, Marcin M?czkowski
Country: Poland
To save someone you love… sometimes you need to risk everything. Produced using an original technique that combines classical hand-drawn animation and a fabulously colorful 3D film set.


BEST APP - Treehouse of the Pacific Northwest a World Premiere


BEST DIGITAL COMIC - Shoe Factory Road a World Premiere

Written by: Chris Darkes, Artist: Juan Baez, Colorist: Jonathan Lyons
Two twenty-somethings - Dan and Jimmy - drive to a secluded town, seeking revenge on a gang of cult members. They soon discover the road doesn't lead to the cult house. It leads to their past. And they are about to find out why.


BEST DOCUMENTARY - Caselli Ride The Dream a US Premiere

Director: Wiley Watson
Country: US
A once in a generation off road racer, Kurt's performance on his motorcycle was matched only by the dedication, passion, and love that inspired an era of racers, riders, family, and friends. This is the story of Kurt and his legacy that lives on.


BEST FEATURE - Nuclear Empire a LA Premiere

Director: Patrícia Neves
Country: Macau SAR (China)
The only country in the world attacked with atomic bombs is facing again the fear of radiation after experiencing the first nuclear accident of the 21st century. Thousands of people were forced to evacuate after the explosions in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, trigerred by one of the most powerful earthquakes ever and tsunami waves of up to 40 meters high, and they don’t know yet when and if they will be able to return home. The energy that made Japan’s dream come true has become the country’s worst nightmare and the arrogance of the political and economic powers generated an unprecedented unrest and crisis of confidence.


BEST LGBT - iBully

Director: Paul Morente, Carlos Tesoro
Country: US
Societal labels and expectations torment a High School senior; Victim or BULLY? The entire film was shot on an iPhone.


BEST MACHINIMA - Outworld a World Premiere

Director: Niav Conty
Country: US
Luis lives out his fantasies in a video game; his hunky avatar is married and with an adorable baby. When his real wife Anna insists he choose between reality and fantasy, his emotions hover in limbo between the real world and the virtual.


BEST MOBILE/TABLET - Romance In NYC a LA Premiere

Director: Tristan Pope
Country: US
A PoV perspective of the Boyfriend and his Girlfriend (Rachael McOwen, The Amazing Spiderman 2) taking you on a journey through their life enjoying an everyday in NYC, but capturing the tiny nuances that are romance, even in the most mundane situations, with NYC as a beautiful backdrop.


BEST MUSIC VIDEO - Gimme Little SIgn

Director: PM Romero, Scott Montgomery
Written by: Artists Brenton Woods and William Pilgrim
Country: US
Shot at the historic People's Climate March in New York City, William Pilgrim & The All Grows Up join forces with Brenton Wood for a contemporary twist on the classic 1967 hit, ''Gimme Little Sign'. This is what Democracy looks like in America.


BEST NEW MEDIA - Vintage2014 a LA Premiere

Director: Wil Fernandez
Country: US
A multimedia documentary set in Santa Barbara County, California, during the 2014 wine grape growing season, marked by historic drought and treacherous heat spikes.


BEST PILOT - Merry Xmas a LA Premiere

Director: Boman Modine
Country: US
MERRY XMAS tells the story of a mischievous father (Dick Van Dyke) who calls his very busy kids (Matthew Modine and Glenne Headly) to tell them that, after 55 years of marriage, he and their mom (Valerie Harper) are getting divorced. Horrified by the news, the children prepare to fly home to stop the divorce and save their parents’ marriage.



Written by: Lynda Lemberg and Jeffrey Allen Russel
Country: Canada

In 1830, a wealthy Scottish woman who possesses tremendous empathy and courage risks everything when she joins the struggle to stop the ethnic cleansing of the Gaelic people.


BEST SHORT - Trouble & The Shadowy Death Blow a US Premiere

Director: Emmy Winner Stephanie Laing
Country: US
No man is an island, but there are always exceptions. Meet Jim Funkle, played by (Emmy Winner Tony Hale). A once promising food scientist, his career came to an end with a catastrophic failed experiment involving spray-on cheese. Ostracized, unemployed, and middle aged, Jim Funkle was American mediocrity at its best until he one night he was given the chance to become omnipotent. Trouble & the Shadowy Deathblow follows one mans fight against being a mediocre man.



Director: Mike Stern Sterzynski
Sophie’s child died in a tragic accident. Her husband, not coping with the feeling of guilt, left home and never came back. Many years later Sophie receives a strange phone call from a Man with an eastern accent. The man informs her, that he knows where her husband is and how to find him. This takes her on a journey from LA to Poznan



Director: Veronica Grey
Country: USA, Costa Rica, Taiwan, Japan
 An expose' on how humans will not survive on this planet if we continue slaughtering sharks at the current alarming rate of 100,000,000 sharks a year or 190 sharks a minute or 3 sharks per second. Introduction by Leonardo DiCaprio with cameos by The Cure, MGMT, and superstar surfer John John Florence.


BEST TRAILER - Attack Of The Devil a World Premiere

Director: Lon Strickland
Country: US
The Devil awakens from an ancient slumber to wreak havoc on Earth. Who will save us? Search


BEST S.T.E.A.M. - Patient 39 a US Premiere

Director: Dan Clifton
Country: UK
When a soldier known only as Patient 39 awakes from a coma with no memory, the search begins for his identity and past. Based on a short story by bestselling British author William Boyd (author of RESTLESS, ANY HUMAN HEART).


BEST STUDENT - Rice Wine a World Premiere

Director: Tian Ye
Country: China
An impoverished Chinese street peddler on his last leg takes a stand against the City Peacekeepers whose job it is to rid the city of unlicensed vendors.



Director: Michelle Nash, Miguel Endara
Country: US
Street Cuts is a web series that follows Mark Bustos, New York City hair stylist to the stars, as he hits the streets of South Beach to meet, explore the lives of, and give a free hair cut to the homeless. In Episode 1, Mark meets Apache, a Native American originally from Alaska, who has been homeless for more than 11 years and has never let anyone cut his hair. During an emotional haircut, Apache addresses the pain of losing friends and loved ones from the streets.

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